Medium: Art Quilts
Using a combination of pieced backgrounds with appliqué overlay, I design and create quilted artwork designed for display on walls. My designs range from abstract images and landscapes to whimsical themes, all with an emphasis on color, movement and careful craftsmanship. I use high-quality colorfast batiks as well as hand-dyed and commercial cotton fabric.

Medium: Collage
My collage process begins by creating a large palette of altered papers. The hand-drawn ravens, crows and other images are altered with iPad and computer programs. The collages are composed, layered and fused with a heated tack iron. They are further enhanced with image transfers, acrylic paint, artist crayons, other mediums and finally sealed with UV Varnish.

I may begin the creative process with a journal sketch, a line from a song, a child’s drawing or a colorful piece of fabric that’s been “calling to me”. I look forward to the entire process of creating fiber art: piecing, layering, stitching with beautiful threads and embellishing with beads. Each step has its rewards and through them I feel I am creating my own unique twist on tradition.

My art quilts are layered, fused, stitched, embroidered, beaded and embellished using both hand and machine techniques. My felted works are created using both wet and dry felted methods that combine dyed wool, silk, soy silk and other natural fibers.

….. Your work is of the highest caliber and you are one of the most organized persons that I have ever worked with in the program! An unbeatable combination!
Regina Flanagan, Coordinator, Wisconsin Arts Board Percent For Art Program

….. Anyone familiar with quilting and quilters in Wisconsin will recognize the name Francie Ginocchio. Her contemporary designs have gained favor with businesses that appreciate her flair for color combinations. Art galleries recognize her natural talent for juxtaposing fabric shapes to create a tapestry of mood and emotion.
Wisconsin Crafts Review