Heavily hand beaded on canvas background.  Approximately 8 inches tall including weighted base.  
SOLD.  Artist hand made wool and silk nuno felt background, hand beaded.  Matted and framed size 9 x 13 inches.  Gold frame. SOLD.  Handmade white cotton paper, Japanese rice paper, porcupine quills, hand dyed silk background.  Matted and framed size 10 x 12 inches.  Gold frame. SOLD. Hand dyed paper, hand embroidery, porcupine quills, Japanese rice paper.  Size 10 x 11 framed.  
SOLD.  Hand dyed silk, rice paper, porcupine quills, silk thread, beads.  Size 9 x 14 framed.  

SOLD. Hand dyed paper and silk, porcupine quills.  Size 11 x 15 framed.  

SOLD.  Hand dyed Japanese rice paper, porcupine quills, gingko leaves.  Size 15 x 18 framed.  
SOLD.  Cotton, silk fabric, free motion machine stitching, paper,
hand embroidery.  Size 12x18 framed.  

SOLD.  Silk fabric, ripped banana paper, porcupine quills, hand embroidery.  Matted and unframed.  Size 10 x 15.  SOLD.  Silk, hand stitching, porcupine quills. Matted and unframed.  Size 12 x 16.