I have always been attracted to art as a viewer. In 2002 upon retiring from the field of education, I decided to create my own works of art. I have worked primarily with both soft pastels and oil pastels. I enjoy the richness of color, the energy, and the immediacy of the pastel medium. My subject matter varies from portraits, to older buildings, to landscapes. From 2000 to the summer of 2009 we lived in the Iola, Wisconsin area, and I was inspired by the natural beauty and images of the surrounding countryside.

Landscapes offer endless challenges to an artist. Every minute and hour of each day is unique. I am especially interested in the colors, shapes and patterns of the landscapes and try to capture their images and mood. Lately, I am experimenting with different and unique color combinations for landscapes.

While I like images of realistic buildings with character and appeal, I have experimented with the barn form and color variations. The colorful barns are my effort to use a loose, expressive style.

Since moving to Rochester I have also begun creating pieces of appealing Rochester locales. To date I have created 11 images of these scenes. I plan to continue experimenting and looking for interesting and expressive scenes.

In 2009 my wife, Francie, and I moved to Rochester, Minnesota. We continue to work on our art. I now have a studio in downtown Rochester, and look forward to becoming familiar with the people, landscapes and buildings in this area.